Resource: Post-articulated Monographic Archive (in the works and work in progress)


Notation, Drawing, Graphic, Composition (virtual spatiality)

C. Green x

Community-Time machine for warp


D. Geometrische Ansichten

Spatial installation

Exhibition (2023–)

B.O.D.Y. - the second skin (2023)

o.T. (2023)

F. B.O.D.Y. - the second skin

(later 2022–)


Spatial installation and performance in the spatial installation (physical spatiality)

Digital and physical platform for rethinking and creating common space while playing together

work in flow

work in progress


On artistic research

- Theoretical exploring on articulation

- Practical exploring on articulation

E. Geometrie der Nachhaltigen

Spatial installation

Performance in the spatial installation

Visual arts, Music, Architecture (later 2023–)

B. Stillleben/Still life

Digital and physical Artbook

for people in the future

G. Synapse

(later 2023–)


Artistic research Untitled* is a platform between academics and art academics, and between art academics and society for sustainable and circular space and time.

Minimalism in art is without materiality (not about the material), but it means not the same as 'geistig' (spiritual) in German.

An artist is On Kawara “Each work reads as a modular unit conforming to an organized structure, a display tactic ostensibly meant to affirm the Date Paintings' connection to Minimalism“ – UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE: THE ART OF ON KAWARA

I explore thereby 'objective subjectivity' in terms of neuroscience which refers to "Ecology of the Brain" by Thomas Fuchs. – Transversal aesthetics, which is the research objectives in this exposition Untitled*

*I started the artistic research of Untitled* from two books, one addresses sonic art (Klang-Kunst) by Prof. Dr Martin Supper in sound studies, musicology and aesthetics and the other one addresses visual arts by Prof. Dr Bence Nanay in image science, philosophy of art and aesthetics. Prof. Dr Martin Supper is a German composer in computer music, he studies under German-Dutch composer Gottfried Michael Koenig (5 October 1926 – 30 December 2021). The Dutch study is an important study for the European modernism in Asia globally.

On the research by Bence Nanay and Martin Supper briefly:

I am exploring from the perspective of two types of minimalism: English and German. There is no space to interpret in either academic paper.

It examines shifts in scholarship and the relationship between art and its materials.

What I explore and construct is not about destroying things, but rather exploring the methodology and a process of a thesis (knowledge).

Specifically, Nanay coined the term 'Semi-Formalism' and its cross-discipline (visual arts and music/audiovisual) in computer science as well as the philosophy of language. – What is 'Semi-Formalism'? -> What is a musical error? (Sound Art/Music)

With gratitude for the practical and theoretical contributions by

Max Eastley, Partick Housen&Dr Lukas Huisman, Prof. Dr Bence Nanay, Dr Joseph Nechvatal, Dr Valerio Sannicandro, Prof. Dr Martin Supper, also for the authors in the references.

Afterword :

The starting point of Artistic research Untitled* is with two books (Doctoral thesis and Post-doctoral thesis). One is Martin Supper's, which book I explored between 2008–2012, and other one is Bence Nanay's, which book I explored between 2016–2019.

Since 2020, I explore them in the context of cross and interdisciplinary practically and theoretically, methodologically transdisciplinary.*

There are advanced theories from Supper's in 1997 today ontologically, however, this thesis by Supper important for the starting with the quantum computing. To study the advanced Technology, it needs to start to study one step before.

As technology advances, it becomes simpler to use, but also more complex theoretically. Nanay's advanced thesis explores visual art in the philosophy of art and aestehtics in regard to the study of image science and cognitive neuroscience

- For the study MA/MFA in fine arts

introduction :

Art is anarchy without god-head, but my knowledge is (un-) limited.

My studies with Prof. Dr. Supper was not in sound studies (multimedia, i.e. such as industrial sound design, gaming, stage sound design), but I studied as a guest student (Gasthörerschaft) in fine arts/music  (music composition, as well as in film music, installation) at the UdK Berlin. As an artist from 2000 to the present, I have been working on his thesis practically.

In 1999 I completed a professional course for the computer languages Javascript and HTML for artists funded by the European Commission. The teacher was from TU-Berlin.

The relationship between fine arts and industrial design is reciprocal. We, fine artists (artist and music composer),  use these technologies to advance art theory and music theory, aesthetics, ethics, art pedagogy and music pedagogy.

How to functionalize it virtually, whether industrial commoning or?

In the context of my profession of fine arts, it works in the context of art representational theories.

From this point of view, I explore 'Semi-Formalism', which is a question for the thesis and an account of 'Semi-Formalism' by Bence Nanay.

I think that the thesis of Wittgenstein works as well in this context. Thereby, I back to the thesis of Wohllheim from the aspect of cognitive science again. – For an aesthetic and an epistemological of the limits that humans perception by seeing-in.




On the design in this exposition:

The visual composition and components without hierarchy in the exposition Untitled*, My artistic approach is, how can the method of fine arts process information. Thereby, the form itself is not the main subject of the visual composition.


Articulation: in theoretical exploration, the alphabet is the main subject. This is a proposal on how to develop from logic (as a methodology) to a thesis by articulation. The research question here is, “Does art become knowledge?”, and if art will become knowledge, “What kind of knowledge is it?” In practical inquiry, articulation is not limited to the alphabet. This is an experimental articulation of the phonetics of my native language hiragana (Japanese) and the alphabet of “x” for the probability of “y”. That means, for a composition of discrete random variables of the spatial installation. Thereby, circle geometry works methodically. The research question is “What is geometry in art?”.


The implementation of an artistic intervention of a.o.i. – lasting memories in the context of interior architecture will take place in a space, that is a solo exhibition on body - installation and graphic notation at in Berlin. The music improvisation performance by Chris Dahlgren (Contrabass, Viola da Gamba)* and Erika Matsunami (Electronics) in the spatial mono 4ch discrete spatial sound installation (original is 4ch diffusion and 2ch mono discrete spatial installation), as well as artists talk in the program. The exhibition duration is from 16 to 19 February 2023.(Change: Untitled I : a.o.i. - lasting memories won't be represented at frei.raum-berlin in February 2023. This artistic research Untitled I : a.o.i. - lasting memories as an art project will be represented, and the project is not started yet.) -> Artistic research Variation (2020–): In a part of artistic research Variation, there is parallel research between research and artistic research on sound and its system. Research is for development, and artistic research is for philosophical and aesthetical commoning, enjoyment, creativity, and so on.

Untitled II:

a.o.i. – lasting memories will be advanced in geometric views (spatial installation).



The projects are implementations in the social context that explore new artistic representational methods, which is work in progress and post-conceptual art, however, as an art project, there is a definitive duration of priority.
The research objectives are, “Something x in a new sentence” and its social, cultural, and ecological diversity and sustainability, is an artistic intervention into the (interior-) architecture.


Artistic research Untitled* is practise-based artistic research that deals with the exploration of geometry in drawing, notation and sound composition (virtuality), and spatial installation and performance (physicality).

Its spatiality will be explored in the context of visual arts and architecture in terms of the cross-disciplinarity between Music and visual arts, that is, through an intervention between the two disciplines of visual arts and music towards architecture (design) methodically.

Es ist klar, daß sich die Ethik nicht aussprechen läßt.


Die Ethik ist transcendental.


(Ethik und Aesthetik sind eins.)

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

This artistic research Untitled* is an exploration of the change from traditional morals to contemporary ethics in and through the arts.

Thereby, I explore an artistic method of meta-epistemological representation practically and theoretically.

What is the differences between metaphysics and epistemology?

Epistemology is the study of knowledge, while metaphysics is the study of reality. Epistemology looks at how we know what the truth is and whether there are limits to this knowledge, while metaphysics seeks to understand the nature of reality and existence.,nature%20of%20reality%20and%20existence.

- Introduction, Metaepistemology

- Conceptual ethics, metaepistemology, and normative epistemology

Art is anarchy without god-head,

Research Time Sequence


Corona pandemic

Silence surrounds us, silence around us

Variations I

Digital Online Practical Research

Variations II

Theoretical Exploring

Practical Exploring

Silence surrounds us, silence around us - X


Variations III

Silence surrounds us, silence around us - on creativity in communication



Corona pandemic

Variations III


-> My visual work always has sound and music composition.

In these exhibitions at Dark gallery, there are storytellings parallel to the photographs, which overlap between the mediums of image and writing.

Who cannot see the photographs, through storytelling one can be envisioning and feeling the space at the exhibition (unfortunately, there is no high-tech interactive equipment for the disability.)

Who cannot listen, there are photographs, writing and spatial installation.


-> B.O.D.Y.

My contribution B.O.D.Y. - the second skin for the collective Exhibition SKIN at Dark Gallery in Copenhagen 1. June–20. August 2023 is an artistic intervention into the interior architecture of the gallery space.

This work "Untitled I" - a.o.i. - lasting memories is a contemporary avant-garde, the new mode will come out from the spatial aesthetic in the project space (private space) of frei.raum-berlin. Thus, I encompass the cultural topics on the contemporariness of the body from the genome, and DNA to surrogate mother* abstractly and narrativity, in terms of contemporary cultural identity, as well as gender identity.

The concept for an artistic intervention into interior architecture:  "Untitled I" - a.o.i. - lasting memories at

*Today's medical method is different from the habitual. I have never researched, but there was possible to have been an existing surrogate mother in each culture. That is no new idea for humans.

We can never judge whether it is good or bad easily, that is no birth control. The issues are the environment of humanity and human rights.

If human beings cannot contemplate and reflect on it (life) profoundly, humans will be at the level of domestic animals.

– On humanity and survival

The question for the right to live


"es" (it) in the sound composition "es" (it) is my artistic approach, in terms of my open account of telepathic sex (gender), which is unknown organically. That is a new notion towards ecology. It is on 'will' to live in probability (what is happening through the blueprint of own DNA), in which terms of life science. For example, plants grow towards the sun. If I may express briefly and directly, that Love is not sexual desire, but rather the power of live. Thus, I don't think it matters whether it's male or female. - What is the natural being of human(s)?

I will be able to surpass Plato with many other researchers in the 21st century. DNA research (i.e. Human Genome Project) in the 21st is so great for us humans, that is a new notion in the 21st century.  Through that, we humans will be able to reset our history of humanity of 2000 years long. In other words, it is a newborn for us humans literary.

On life

'x' is something that occurred naturally through free will intentionally, and that is not a product.

-> "A new notion in a sentence" for a cultural evolution