A house I know is up for rent. 

People in this neighbourhood wake up really early, even before the break of dawn.

You can go back to sleep.

The place is in Ucassaim. Very close to the Panchayat, overlooking the Bhatlem ground.

After half an hour it falls silent again.

5. As 'outsiders' in Goa, we were curious about our positionality - not just concerning this project but also in our lives. We found many similarities and contradictions between the lives of the 'insiders' and the 'outsiders.' Through our research, we felt thinking about our own positionality could be the way to understand the space and that is intrinsically connected to our work. Writing and image-making became a way to reflect on this position and begin to understand the transformations of the space both in the real world and in the installation.

Both in the real and the mythical. In Rai and Savyasachi. In the insider and the outsider.

By the time you wake up and come to the window of your living room with your cup of tea, you might see the family putting up clothes and sheets on goalposts to dry them.

On days when a cricket match is on, The cricketers move the goalposts aside to make space for themselves, joining the opposites face to face.

I spent half a year in this house after being at the mercy of my friends for a month.

I come here in waves. With gaps in between.