Elastic Ekphrastic

Korsten & DeJong

Korsten & De Jong conduct Artistic Research. They are both independent artists, researchers and employed as lecturers in the art and theory department of ArtEZ, University of the Arts and they participate in the Professorship ‘Theory in Arts’. In ‘Paper-Performances,’ Korsten & De Jong circulate parts of recorded dialogues on theoretical notions structured or questioned by artistic form. The tension between theoretical and artistic practices is made productive in the field of artistic research.

In their Paper Performance ‘Elastic Ekphrastic,’ Korsten & De Jong test the translatability of an ‘original.’ They explore what narrative is formed out of the context of instruments of translation. What is the agency of misunderstanding, misinterpreting and miscommunication? And if one translates, does one free a text from a fixed meaning or does one force the text in yet another prison of meaning? They attend the conference via a live conversation in a long distance call with two Austrian interpreters. One living outside of Austria and one physically present in Vienna at the time of the conference. Korsten & De Jong bring the online conversation during on online conference to the physical location of the conference. In doing so, this paper performance reflects on the current SARS-CoV-19 measures in which live communication is a dangerous action forcing the dialogue to take place behind plexiglass panels and computer screens.

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