ˈɛlsə, the climate calculator for film, is the result of a combination of a personal artistic exploration and transdiciplinary collaborations. These two research modes of  inner journey and  technical development enabled a transformation of an individual artistic practice that could also be upscaled and integrated in the film education at Stockholm University of the Arts and to all filmmakers....



 Thanks to the dedicated and creative contributions from specialists in many different fields the results of this research has  materialized itself as a webbased opensource climate-calculator that enables filmmakers and artists to know and see the climate footprint of their practices.


Elsa came out of a artistic exploration of a fiction storyworld, a New Reactive Earth. Elsa is a portal into that storyworld as well as a fluxus score to shift, direct conciousness around how artpractices impact environment.

Transdiciplinary collaborations

In 2011 I went to connectiocut to Work with professor in physics Ronald Mallett who had developed a working theory for a time machine. I wanted to explore how this theory could effect our relationship to future generations. Our current

 overdraw of resources accumulates a growing debt to future generations that they has no means of claiming. The way this time technology worked, I thought might turn this askew powerrelationship around. By discussing and staging different scenarios with Ron Mallet I had a whole new view on how climate-justice between generations could be conceptualized.