open at the same time with the others






[the curtain is rising.]


Dear readers,
good that you have arrived.



Let your gaze rest on the stage in front of you.






[the audience has gathered together.]



There are some readable things there, eager to
communicate with you. Some of them are short, some long, some big, some small, some plentiful, some scarce.

You do not need to read all that is available.
If you will not read a part, don’t worry. Someone else will.







[the stage is waiting.]




















Eat the above word after reading the prologue.
It contains potato starch, water, olive oil and
vegan coloring agents.

When everyone is ready, enter the stage.
Please take off your shoes or cover them. By
reading the space, you will find a way to be here.

After 90 minutes, we will invite you back to the the auditorium for an epilogue. Have a good show.






[the audience digests the proposal.]