Video Tutorial:

Embodied experimental writing with the research score





The research score is one of the main outcomes of my doctoral research. It is a practice that combines sensory-physical and linguistic levels of reflection into a technique of embodied experimental writing. The still widespread separation between bodily action and linguistic-thought reflection or documentation can not only be explored in a very concrete way with this practice, but in the course of practicing the research score, this separation eventually can be dissolved.

In my doctoral thesis, published in the Research Catalogue in 2020, I explain at length and in great detail the artistic background, questions, approach, theoretical contexts and outcomes of my research. However, the large size of my thesis is for many readers an obstacle to get engaged with the practice on a physical level.

With the support of the German Dis-Tanz-Solo grant programme, I created a video tutorial (43 mins) that focuses on the practice of the research, and thereby aims to make the practice itself more easily accessible to interested parties.




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Published under the license CC  BY-NC-ND --- Joa Hug (2022) ---