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Creating and using a fiction premise in order to restructure how I percieve and react to my contexts. The core of the project is the dynamic interplay between a growing fiction storyworld and the everyday life in the organization (see worklog).

In my practice I currently explore change, adaptation and transformation. At the moment my methods for this is to create a framework that I commit to and that conditions my work and everyday life. The framework is made up partly by binding agreements and legal documents concerning climate footprint and resource usage, that I commit to obeying.
The framework is also made up from immersive storyworlds that aim at modifying beliefs and desires regarding reality and possible alternative universes, through playfulness and interaction.

Through the phd studies I plan to let this initial framework guide the continuation of the practice. What happens when I allow intuition and creative flow start from these parameters? How may the values, cognitions, desires, the inner core of self, shift? How may shifts occur in the environment in which the practice/research takes place, in the organization, in the peer group, in the bureaucracy etc?

This research project aims to explore the dynamic process and interplay between the worldbuilding and worldings in my practice. Between an inner fantasy universe that I embed & immerse myself in through daydreaming at a specific plot of land, and my responses to everyday encounters in the university organization, research community, artistic collaborations and environmental activism etc.
The aim is to break with a reality that I live in and that shapes me, a reality I don't agree with and refuse to accept, by replacing it with an alternative, hypothetical reality.