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Friction and transformation


Composed movements, open forms, prepared improvisations and open improvisation for orchestra and NIME instruments.



Solo concerto for NIME instruments and orchestra with Tromsø symphony orchestra. Vinterfestuka i Narvik March 2009. Tornquist, Frounberg and Innervik


Conversations about the performance

Artists Peter Tornquist, Ivar Frounberg and Kjell Tore Innervik discuss the concert "Friction and Transformation" that they did in 2009 with Tromsø Symphony Orchestra.

The performance consisted of composed movements, open forms, prepared improvisations and free improvisation for orchestra, soloists and NIME instruments.


Workshops and concerts were conducted in collaboration between Tromsø Symphony orchestra, Kjell Tore Innervik, Ivar Frounberg and Peter Tornquist.


Pre-concert: Atriet, Oslo march 10th. 2009 duration approx. 45’

Concert: Tromsø march 19th. 2009 duration 60’

Concert: Vinterfestuka, Narvik march 20th. 2009 duration 60’



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