This exposition presents the research project Recoleta_justicia social 555. In the framework of this project a dispositive for very slow aesthetic observation was produced in order to enable an aesthetic research of the plot adjacent to the condominium on Justicia Social 1 (Justicia Social 555, Recoleta, Santiago de Chile). This plot is currently not in use and contains two old industrial buildings: a water tower and an underground water tank. 


The dispositive produced in this project was activated on November 19 on-site. For this iteration the following introduction was provided:

After this iteration, the dispositive has been rearranged, including all its components in this exposition, in order to enable to think aesthetically this surroundings at the distance. To this end, you are invited to read, watch and listen the different artifacts that constitute the dispositive either separately, oscillating between them, and/or addressing some of them simultaneously. 


Please access the dispositive here.

This exposition contains two components of a dispositive for very slow observation: an exploratory essay in two versions (the original English text ad the recording of its reading) and a series of sound recordings.


The focus of observation is the environmet in which you are now, the fenced plot adjacent to the condominium on Justicia Social 555 (Recoleta, Santiago de Chile). 


The third component of this dispositive—a series of video recordings—is installed on this plot, in the interior space situated between the tower and the tank.  



You are invited to walk freely on this plot while reading and/or listenings the artifacts displayed in this exposition, and to watch the installed video recordings (while continuing reading and/or listening these artifacts).


In doing so, please do not cease to observe your environment.