About the Authors

We have been working together for almost fifteen years and during that time we have made more than thirty productions. The first production we did combined music and theatre into the staged hörspiel Indy 500: Seklernas udde (2009). Already in this early work, we co-created the concept. This was done through a process-based approach to writing and composing. It might be worth mentioning that our productions have not been devised or created through any similar forms of participatory methods; the productions have started from a specific theme that we have decided to explore. From this, a written text, a musical composition and ideas on how to stage the performance have been added. After an initial conceptualisation we have invited actors, musicians and other artists into a joint exploration of the theme. This was also how Indy 500: Seklernas udde was created: we started with some ideas on the themes of the performance, and a few pages with text that proposed how these themes could be addressed. This was discussed between the two of us and then a decision was taken on how to proceed artistically. Together we decided which part in the text would come first and decided on a dramaturgical structure that provided material for the compositional work. Also, instead of writing a traditional score and having that as a musical starting point, the recording studio was used to explore the temporalities of the text and the reading, which allowed the actors and musicians to be on the same page when starting the rehearsals. 

The work later formed into the starting point of an artistic research endeavour. Our focus doing research has been on how to combine situated acting, music-making, and technology into intermedial performances. Through the artistic practice, followed by joint discussions and analysis, artistic methods were developed to approach and do collaborative work. To achieve this, a common understanding of how to explore the themes addressed in the performances has been communicated and shared with everyone involved through shared physical, conceptual and communicative spaces. The methods presented in this exposition further adds to this understanding.

Jörgen Dahlqvist is a PhD Student At The Malmö Theater Academy

Kent Olofsson is Professor of Performing Arts for the profile area Concept and Composition at Stockholm University of the Arts. 


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