In this section the documentation of Död åt välfärdsstaten is assembled.

Part 1. The Birth of the Welfare State | 1928 – 1982

PART 1-1

Part 2. Everyone is Equal… | 1982 – 1986

PART 2-1

Part 3. Death to the Dog | 1986-1991

PART 3-1

Part 4. Death to the Welfare State | 1991-2014

PART 4-1

Part 5. … but Some are More Equal than Others | 2016-2018

PART 5-1


Songs in the Performance

Twenty Words (composed by Niklas Nilsson and Kent Olofsson)

The Death of the Old Dog (composed by Lise Kroner and Kent Olofsson)

Take me Anywhere (composed by Lise Kroner)

The Fairytale of the The Small Farm

Part 1. The story about the little farm (in Swedish)

Part 2. The story of the most egalitarian farm in the whole village (In Swedish)

Part 3. The story of the Hatred towards the old Dog (In Swedish) 

The Script (PDF, will open in new window)

I've seen your face before (composed by Lise Kroner)

PART 1-2

PART 2-2

PART 3-2

PART 4-2

PART 5-2

Hello Dogs (composed by Niklas Nilsson and Kent Olofsson)

One Step Ahead of You (composed by Lise Kroner and Kent Olofsson)

The Last Things (composed by Kent Olofsson, words by Niklas Nilsson )

Part 4. The Story of the Young Pig (In Swedish) 

Part 5. The Story of how the pigs must open their hearts (In Swedish)

Epilogue. The story of how life continues (In Swedish)

PART 1-3

PART 2-3