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Explanatory text to the layout.


This exposition consists of five pages:

1) Front page (this page)

2) Introduction

3) Performer

4) Composer

5) Conclusion & Sources


The parts "performer" and "composer" are exploded outwards in the main layout as hyperlinks in italics, giving and overview of content within these two sections. The subtitles to the left belong to the performer page, the subtitles to the right to the composer page. I encourage jumping to sections relevant to you rather than reading systematically.


By scrolling down on this front page, you can see some artistic outcomes. Click on the pictures to access pages documenting the projects. Sheet music can be accessed through footnotes on these pages.


Footnotes are indicated by small numbers besides text.2 Hold your mouse over the footnote to read it. Loading speeds may occasionally be slow.


The exposition can also be read as a PDF here:

My master degree has involved several related artistic research projects. My former two projects are not part of my master thesis for the sake of assesment. However, they touch on themes highly related to the topic at hand. For this reason, I publish them here for the interested reader:

Project 1:

On Evocation of Interpretation in Jazz Compositions

How can the process of aurally transcribing compositions lead to reflections on interpretation for the performing composer, and how do jazz compositions afford the performer to co-create the artistic product through interpretation?”

Project 2:

Composing Interpretation,

Improvising Interpretation

How can I conceptualise, approach and interpret musical notation in such a way that it inspires improvisational creativity in myself and my band-members?

Referenced audio examples in project 2: