Øystein Elle

Østfold University College

Department of Teacher Education / The Norwegian Theatre Academy

Contributes to: Seminar 5

Øystein Elle b. 1973 holds a PhD in performing arts with cross-disciplinary composition as his special field. He is Associate professor in music and performing arts at Østfold University College: In the Department of Teacher Education: Singing, music didactics, composition, multicultural perspectives, music history, choir, choir conducting. At the Norwegian Theatre Academy: Singing / voice, improvisation, (cross-disciplinary) composition, music-driven dramaturgy. He is also Artistic director of Capto Musicae. Elle´s academic interests: Performance, post-dramatic theater, composed theater, intercultural art production, avant-garde, inter-dicillinary and poly-stylistic composition, improvisation, baroque music, physical theater, new materialism, art for children, avant-garde and cross-artistic methods in music education in elementary school, extended vocal techniques.


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