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Hallvard Fossheim

University of Bergen


Contributes to: Seminar 3

Hallvard Fossheim is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bergen. He has published widely on Plato and Aristotle; among his recent pieces are «To kalon and the Experience of Art», 34-50 in Destrée, Heath, and Munteanu (edd.), The Poetics in Its Aristotelian Context, Routledge (2020), and «The Number of Rulers in Plato’s Statesman», Polis, Vol. 37/3, 435-448 (2020). Fossheim also works on virtue ethics and research ethics, and has served as Director of the Norwegian National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (2011-2014). A recent contribution is «Research on Human Remains: An Ethics of Representativeness», 59-72 in Squires, Errickson, and Marquez-Grant (edd.), Ethical Approaches to Human Remains: A Global Challenge in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology, Springer (2020).


Fossheim, Hallvard J. (2015):

Consent, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees.


Fossheim, Hallvard J. (2015):

Confidentiality, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees.