J.S. Bach & improvisation solo project

I enjoy the music, and I find it rewarding to learn longer pieces by heart. Even if there are many elements in the music I can relate to, it’s also very different from most of my other work, regarding style, expression, and sense of freedom. How can I utilize this music as a starting point for improvisation? Alternatively, can I make performative adjustments to make the music suitable for a more familiar language of mine? I will probably never reach a final conclusion in this process, but I finished a recording of Partita no 2 and Sonata no 1 during corona. There was no interest from record companies.

Sarabande from sonata 1, the mobile camera video is from a frozen marsh just outside Oslo

Partita no 2 in D minor

01 Allemande

02 Courante

03 Sarabande

04 Gigue

05 Chaconne

Sonata no 1 in G minor

01 Adagio

02 Fugue

03 Siciliano

04 Presto