Metamaterial is a neologism comprised of the prefix meta- and the noun material. The prefix meta- suggests that a higher level of abstraction is added to the concept following or that the concept is self referential. This project started as a painting series in 2016 and has evolved and changed several times. As of now the series is focused on circular materials in art and a media theory of dynamic and recycleable representations.


It all started as a study on pigments as materials and self referential representations. The materials used are (per)forming their very own structural formulas, molecular formulas or systematic names. In other words they are materials relating to themselves. Dyes and pigments were the second mass product of the chemical industry, following TNT in the late 19th century. The availability of large quantities of so called organic substances from the mineral oil industry lead to a plethora of experiments resulting in groundbreaking material discoveries. The architectural paradigm form follows function fueled new strategies in synthetic chemistries which originated modern pharmaceutical and biological regimes of production. Without the widespread aesthetical craving for representations and colours the chemical industry and the chemical practice would not be the same as today. I want to thank Prof. Dr. Horst Hartmann of the historic collection of dyes of the technical university for insights and inspirations. Here are some early print works: