Motivation (@Casper & @Daniele) (5 min)


  • We wanted to present the RC in a way that does justice to the concept of exposition, we wondered what an exposition about the RC would look like. Could we merge all expositions into one single visual representation?

  • Expositions as digital objects that can be queried.

  • Why do we think this is useful?

    • We think the Research Catalogue is very visual, so it is interesting to not just search using title, author or keywords, but to see the visual layout of the exposition.

    • We wanted to experiment with a more compact front page layout

    • Thomas Grill interface (as form of inspiration).

    • ALMAT


Methodology / How we made it (@Casper) (5 min)

  • Has to be simple

    • We used the json output of search to have a list of all expositions and metadata

    • We wrote a little program that just browses each page of the RC and makes a screenshot.

    • We wrote an elm application that allows you to browse the RC.

  • (tricky things, optimization).

  • @Daniele Pozzi Keyword extraction from abstracts experimental

  • Explain benefits of using keywords

Demonstration (talk daniele, casper demo) (5min)

Evaluation / Reflection (casper talks, daniele demos) (5m)

  • Sum up:

    • it is fun / interface is engaging

    • there is more in RC than we thought

    • allows to always find new things just by navigating the visual map

    • search is a bit faster than the official search

    • visual exploration conveys other info than text-based search

    • combining filters for advanced search, cross reference with kw

    • obv favours images over other media. thinking about alternatives for sound / video ?

    • we discovered a bug in RC :-)


  • Further plans?

    • Find media files within expositions.

    • geographic map RC

    • RC single / global statistics

    • plain text / tools download?

    • accessibility

    • exposition transformation

    • looking for a better way of dealing with very big expositions

    • interfacing with the python script


  • How to help us: