three minds from three artists interested in the impact of signals. santa-marta from a standpoint of sound and textures, key from a starting point of exploring skin as the intelligent membrane, and landegård from a point of excellence in technique and solutions.


during this process we have been busy discussing ai and its innovative presence but also the shortcomings of technique in a art-based community where emotional and intelligent flow have had precedence.


we have had a process of adding and deleting, changing and playing with a language of words and image, time and space. 


skin was our first object of exploration, after that other human membranes and finally the membrane of the heart, the pericardium. 


ai needs no more of presentation. on the contrary we were much into discussing a.a.i which seems to be a subject of interest nowadays. as a.i. is a new cincept, nothing is new on the planet and neither the concept of artifice.


our presentation is still a work-in-process as there is a audiovisual part, that will be added later on.

                                process mapping