This exposition is a documentation and dissection of the performance Pleased to Meet You A Performative Encounter with the More-than-Human that was performed in Reykjavík 2022 and Malmö 2023 as a part of the artistic research How Little is Enough?.


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I am an online exposition, a tool to present research findings in a digital format. I am an assemblage of different entities and phenomena that come together to communicate the artistic researcher´s thoughts, experiences, and methods. I am many, and I will communicate in many formats, words, images, lines, and arrows. 

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Pleased to Meet You


First edition 


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What is the language of bacteria, minerals, plants, the sky, a brick wall? Have you heard the voice of your home? Did you ever thank the grass for its services to you? What does a tree have to say to you about sadness? What do you have to say to the tree about love?

Pleased to meet you is a relation specific performance that deals with how humans relate to their environment.

The piece is the fourth and the concluding part of the artistic research project How Little is Enough? conducted by Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir at Malmö Theatre Academy/ Lund University. The project aims to develop sustainable performance methods through transformative encounters in relation-specific performances, with a particular focus on how minimal and sustainable the framework can be. In this last work of the series the performative encounter is between a human guest and a non-human host.

Pleased to meet you is an experiment in a posthuman performance approach, testing ways for humans to engage with the more-than-human dimension; plants, animals, man made objects, and other non-human phenomena, in a performative setting.

The work was performed in two editions in 2022 and 2023.



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