Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag

Breathtaking: An alternative approach to breathing for trumpeters

                   Danny Teong (c012904) Early music trumpet performance

                Main subject teacher and external supervisor: Susan Williams

                                      Supervisor: Wouter Verschuren

                                  Master circle leader: Kathryn Cok

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Table of Contents



                   Challenges of trumpet performance 

                   Research question 


       Chapter 1. 'Breathing' in trumpet pedagogy

                   Trumpet method books regarding breathing

                   Conventional brass pedagogy on breathing

                   Willem van der Vliet

                   Proposed alternative technique


       Chapter 2. Understanding the breath

                   Nose breathing

                   Mouth breathing

                   Trumpet playing and breathing

                   Combining nose and mouth breathing


       Chapter 3. Learning the inhalation

                   Simultaneously breathing in through nose and mouth

                   Incorporating the nose-mouth inhalation into trumpet playing

                   Further study

            Chapter 4. Summary of surveys of Willem's students


                   Further interpretation

       Chapter 5. Conclusions and discussions




       Appendix 1. Interviews

                   Interview questions for Willem van der Vliet
                   Interview questions for Frank Campos
                   Interview transcript - Willem van der Vliet
                   Interview transcript - Frank Campos

       Appendix 2. Surveys
                   Survey questions for Willem's students
                   Survey answers of Jacco Groenendijk
                   Survey answers of Sef Hermans
                   Survey answers of Angel Serrano Soliva
                   Survey answers of Christian Ansink

                   Survey answers of Danny Teong

                                                                                                                                           Start >

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