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This research exposition is conceived in conjunction with the publication, Artistic Research Does #7 (2023), which re-publishes Emma Cocker’s essay ‘Tactics for Not Knowing: Preparing for the Unexpected’, [originally published in Elizabeth Fisher and Rebecca Fortnum, (eds.) On Not Knowing: How Artists Think, Black Dog Publishing, 2013] with a translation into Portuguese. In addition to the translation and re-publication of the original text, the revised version of ‘Tactics for Not Knowing’ in Artistic Research Does #7 offers two further interventions in the form of annotations. In one column of margin notes, Cocker shares additional reflections, referring to some of her more recent artistic research projects and collaborations that continue to resonate with the concerns of the original text. In parallel, a second column of margin notes comprises the titles of additional pieces of contiguous writing drawn from two collections of Cocker’s writing, The Yes of the No (2016) and How Do You Do? (2023). Within this online version of the publication these margin notes include hyperlinks that enable the reader to access these different thought-fragments of writing.


Artistic Research Does is edited by Catarina Almeida, André Alves.

Artistic Research Does is published by i2ADS – Institute of Research in Art, Design and Society is a R&D unit based at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP), financed by the Portuguese agency Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).

The context for Artistic Research Does #7 can be found here.

The PDF Artistic Research Does #7 can be downloaded here.

Original version of 'Tactics for Not Knowing can be downloaded here.

The Yes of the No is available here.

How Do You Do? will be available here.