by Janne-Camilla Lyster

Choreographic Toolbox #1: Metamorphoses is a collection of tools for imagining. It offers analogue technologies that can act as an expanded imagination. As a single user, you can work with them in between productions or processes, with the purpose of sparking new notions and material connections. The tools can also be used by two or more people, side by side, collectively, or as part of a specific process. They are an invitation to engage in exercises and procedures for creation, exploration, and reflection. This publication is a consequence of the author’s continuous excitement for the prefigurative phase of creation: where things are moving from nothing to something.


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Contextual Note:

Choreographic Toolbox #1 is part of the larger choreographic project Love, polyphonic (2021–2026). The project explores the theme of “love” as a principle through three main approaches: transformation, gestures, and anatomically embedded time. Each approach is carried out as a cycle of four phases: the performance of process, a performance object, a choreographic toolbox, and a workshop series. Metamorphoses is the first cycle of Love, polyphonic, using transformation as a prism for choreographic exploration.


Additional: Link to project on the aquisition of Choreographic Toolbox #1 to the National Library of Norway

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