Electrifying Opera, Amplifying Agency: 

Designing a performer-controlled interactive audio system for opera singers

My PhD research traces the development of real-time audio-processing environments that accommodate the operatic voice on its own terms. My ultimate goals were twofold: to identify a sound design that affords a balance between an unamplified, embodied operatic voice and its sampled, processed and disembodied voice(s), and to design an interactive audio processing system that facilitates mobility and allows performers to manipulate their own voice in real-time, independent of a visual interface. I wanted to create a performer-controlled interface that would enable nuanced and variable vocal processing, be robust, teachable, and suitable for use in a variety of settings: solo performances, chamber music and opera. I have named the processing system that resulted from this research the "Expanded Vocal Improvising Instrument" (EVII). A tribute to and acknowledgement of the influence of Pauline Oliveros and her Expanded Instrument System (EIS).


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