Collaboration timeline between Trampoline House and Project Art Works

Collaboration Timeline

Sept 2020: Trampoline House joins the initial Lumbung Inter-lokal network alongside 10 other Lumbung members.
Feb 2021: Voted in by a majority of Lumbung members + artistic team, Project Art Works joins the Lumbung inter-lokal network. A final group of 14 Lumbung members is established: Britto Arts Trust, FAFSWAG, Gudskul, INLAND, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Más Arte Más Acción, OFF-Biennale Budapest, Project Art Works, The Question of Funding, Trampoline House, Wajukuu Art Project, ZK/U.
Feb-oct 2021: Translocal knowledge/methodological exchange from within our localities, in the context of the ‘Where is the Art’ research group that was formed inside the larger Lumbung network. Learning about each other’s daily activities and working processes, active listening, learning from each other, finding similarities
Nov 2021: Physical knowledge exchange and travel to join Project Art Works’s context: Visit to their Turner Prize exhibition space. Participation of Trampoline House Members in the community gathering and public programme ‘Where is the Art’? (Herbert Gallery, Coventry, November 2021). Learning from their methodologies Cosmologies of Care in their original context.
Dec-Feb 2022: Initial research and curatorial proposal to PAW to engage in a collaborative project and translate the Cosmologies into the Danish context. Resource distribution negotiation within the Lumbung inter-lokal collective - collective pot money. Concession of project budget.
April 2022: Crystallisation of joint interests/research/discourse/methods, and plan for the coming months. Production of ‘Trampoline House & Project Art Works: Navigating Systems of Care and Control’: Talk with Yasmin Gunaratnam as part of the Lumbung conversation series Lumbung Konteks.
May 2022: ‘Massaging the Asylum System: A Collective Exploration’ Workshop series in Copenhagen with Trampoline House community members, activists and allies, facilitated in collaboration with Project Art Works. Work with the cosmologies and other collaborative methods - solar printing, house meetings.
June-Aug 2022: work on harvesting, translations, and installation materials - cosmologies, videos, portraits - which were exhibited in our respective spaces in documenta. Coordination of internal workshop in Copenhagen to produce recommendations for a better asylum system by people with refugee experience, to be translated into the final Kassel context.
Sept 2022: ‘Massaging the Asylum System: Creative Strategies of Care’. Final two day workshop in Trampoline House/Project Art Works' Kassel spaces, with community members from both collectives and documenta audiences. final collective cosmology on imagining asylum. Curated by Sara Alberani, Carlota Mir, and Tone Olaf Nielsen. With the support of Italian Council and Danish Arts Foundation.
Jan 2023-Jan 2024. Harvesting phase: new encounters among some of us (with Ruangupa in Milan, with Project Art Works in Madrid), letter exchanges, interviews, videos, and production of other materials for publications with VIS, visÀvis, and Lumbung Books.