Intermezzo – Po-Yu Wang


This work is a musical interpretation of the structure of the "Tree of Life" (עץ החיים). The composition began with a series of numbers and went through several processes that kept revisiting the material of the previous stage. There are numerous mystic symbols are referred to in the composition process such as the four worlds, 231 Gates, and the menorah.  Whether in the systems of pitch, rhythm, or structure, they all started and operated from the same series of odd numbers, namely: 1,3,5,7. This series of numbers, as the origin of the compositional event, leads here to parametric identity through its self-creation.

Internal Supervisors: Isabel Mundry (ZHdK) and Jörn-Peter Hiekel (ZHdK).

Po-Yu Wang


Po-Yu Wang is a Taiwanese composer based in Zürich, born in 1984, Taipei. During his early education, he Studied Composition and Electronic Music with Ya-Ming Hsu and Yu-Chung Tseng. In 2021 he has graduated a masters program in composition, from Zurich University of the Arts, having studied under the guidance of Isabel Mundry. He has received various prizes for his work, including the Petites Formes Acousmatic Composition Competition and WOCMAT International Phil Winsor Electroacoustic Music Competition. As of 2021 he begins artistic-scientific doctorate studies at the Zurich University of the Arts and University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Wang has been active in the creation of instrumental / electronic music, multimedia and soundtracks for films, in recent years he is interested in exploring the composition process as an aspect of poststructuralism.