Rigorosum – Raimund Vogtenhuber

Responsive Space - Liveness through the distribution of sound and image in space

This project concerns audiovisual performances with distributed or spatially staged image and sound projections. While correspondences between sound and image were initially the focus of my considerations, during the project, the question of liveness increasingly pushed itself into the foreground. Therefore, this work presents a theoretical consideration of the issues of liveness, modality and intramodality regarding audience participation. In contrast to a strategy that presupposes the direct confrontation of performer and audience, the present work explores the question of how liveness can also be generated using media technologies.

Working with existing intermedia set-ups, such as the Immersive Lab at the Zurich University of the Arts, has led to the development of my own performance framework with distributed image and sound projections and the integration of participants' mobile devices using a local network. Audio and visual content are provided on a web server simultaneously with the performance and projections within the space. I call this set-up ‘Responsive Space’. It enables considerable diversity in the spatial distribution of image and sound. In addition to the relationship between image and sound, this set-up also invites the participants to explore the spatial dimension. The imperfect synchronization of the mobile devices’ audio output generates interesting sonic effects. Moreover, the awareness of space and the audience members' interactions with one other creates a social space within the concert. The focus of the project is on the question of liveness, which I believe is achievable through image and sound projections distributed in the space, audience participation and the specific use of media.

Internal Supervisors and External Advisors: Marko Ciciliani (Kunstuniversität Graz), Steffen Alexander Schmidt (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), Sabine Sanio (Universität der Künste Berlin), Philip Schulze (Robert-Schumann-Hochschule, Düsseldorf).

Raimund Vogtenhuber


Raimund Vogtenhuber made his first musical experiences as a guitarist in jazz and rock bands. He studied graphic design and worked for several years with advertising agencies. Then he studied audiovisual media at the Linz University of Art and Design, jazz composition with Prof. Christoph Cech and classical composition with Erland Freudenthaler at the Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz. He earned a Master‘s degree at Zurich University of the Arts in instrumental and electroacoustic composition. His projects are situated between contemporary music, jazz improvisations, media art and electroacoustic music. He performed at venues such as the Lucerne Festival, Ars Electronica in Linz and Borgy&Bess in Vienna. He attended master classes in Darmstadt, Donaueschingen and the Experimentalstudio, Freiburg. He realized several chamber music compositions, audiovisual performances and music theatre projects. He worked as a research associate at the Institute of Computer Music and Sound Technology at the Zurich University of the Arts. Currently he is working as employee at ETH Zurich.

Nomination Digital Sparks 2006
Talent Promotion Award upper Austria 2010
Austrian state scholarship for composition 2011
Second place ZHdK composition contest 2012
Nomination Park City musicfilm festival 2012
NEW NOW Award Category Music 2012
Opernworkshop Darmstadt 2014