Dance NorthWest Choreolab 2006


explorations of movement making


(2006 to 2023)

Choreolab - residency (initial explorations): 2006

Dance NorthWest short residency. I attended as a choreographer with dancers Kylie Sudds and Sean Graham.

Collin Poole came to watch the dance work I was making as my mentor for the residency. 

Dance northWest Choreolab 2006

Mirror & Lift

explorations of seeing parts of movement


Research 2007 opening section: 2006


Research 2007 second section: 2006


Research 2007 three section: 2006


Research 2007 closing section: 2006


Texas exploration/re-working 2023

Rehearsals at Texas Woman's University.


The base sequence was created using the opening music. The base sequence was used for 'small space' duets. Base sequence is used to add body percussion. 

The duets were deconstructed and a second version of a sequence is extracted which is the solo work a dancer does within the duet.