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 This year the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) introduces a new biennial meeting format, that offers time and space for thought-provoking and stimulating dialogue between artistic researchers, artists, practitioners, as well as policy makers and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.


The Forum 2024 is hosted by Fontys Academy of the Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands and co-developed with SAR to be a new and innovative biennial format, that will alternate with the already established SAR conferences.




Instead of the traditional keynote speech, the Forum will host an instigation followed by three focus sessions. These sessions aim to address, explore, and negotiate challenges, visions, and opportunities for artistic research in contemporary society. In particular critical issues and questions that relate to:


-> the ethical dimensions of artistic research and the responsibilities when navigating this complex area.
Provocateur: Anne-Helen Mydland / Facilitator: Laura Cull


-> the research environment and culture
Provocateur: Natalie Loveless / Facilitator: Assia Bert

-> the challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence for artistic research(ers):
Provocateur: Lenka Hamosova / Facilitator: Markéta Dolejšová 


Read more details HERE->



Would you like to present your artistic research work during the Forum 2024?

Instead of the traditional OPEN CALL for contributions, we invite Forum participants to share their artistic research work with the research community in the form of poster presentations. These will be exhibited in a dedicated gallery setting during the 2-day forum in Tilburg. 
Posters might link up (e.g. with a QR code) to a dedicated RC exposition that allows for a more comprehensive presentation as well as online availability of all contributions via the official Forum website (via links). There is no selection process or participation fee in place, making this line of participation entirely open and accessible to all Forum participants.
An official invitation letter can be requested. 


Read more about how to submit your poster presentation here.



With this new format of the SAR Forum we would like to foster more dynamic interactions with Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and facilitate debates that encourage active participation not only within the SIGs but also across the broader SAR community. 

Read more about the specific sessions hosted by the SIGs here. 



Society for Artistic Research (SAR)

Swiss based organisation with institutional members and individual members.
The SAR community includes artistic researchers from thirty countries and approx. seventy higher education institutions and is still expanding on a regular basis. We consider this as a sign of the huge interest in developing artistic research across and in between disciplines, institutions, art fields, and beyond. In SAR we hope to represent and connect the many different approaches and voices and to genuinely support making this a lively, open, and interacting research community.


The Research Catalogue (RC) is our online collaboration and publishing platform with more than 20.000 registered users and approx. 3.500 published expositions. RC has been developed and is maintained by SAR in joint venture with our institutional portal partners. It is a searchable, documentary platform for artistic research work and outcomes by using the presentation formats identified as exposition. With the aim of displaying and documenting practice in a manner that respects artistic modes of presentation, the RC allows the weaving together of text, image, audio, and video material, also in non-linear formats.

Fontys Academy of the Arts (FAA) 

Fontys Academy of the Arts in Tilburg, The Netherlands, is an international institute providing higher education at Bachelor and Master degree levels in the field of art education, performing arts, and science.
FAA has become an official portal partner member of the Research Catalogue in 2021.