P i l v i   P o r k o l a

Performance Pedagogy - Politics of Art Pedagogy (PEPE) is a research project that aims to explore the concept of performance and performative and utopia in the context of art pedagogy.

I this research I consider how performance art is taught and what social dimensions performance art teachers see in their work. My hypothesis is, that the politics of performance art and its tradition influence the teachers in a way or another. I assume that the prevailing political trends and questions and the world situation also affect teaching situations. In addition to this, I am interested in how the tradition of performance art could be used more widely in art teaching and what kinds of things the tradition can offer to rethink art pedagogy today.

My research methods are practice-based and ethnographic combined with artistic research. The scientific impact of this research is to show how the current political topics are connected to art pedagogy. I seek to contribute to the discussion of politics of art and what it means today. I also develop the understanding of art pedagogy and its its importance as part of the processes of producing knowledge. With this knowledge I am developing the concept of performance pedagogy.


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