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Online sources 

  • Research by D.Dolan, J. Sloboda, H.J.Jensen, B.Crüts, E.Feygelson:[2013]/MPR0073.pdf
  • Research by pianist and researcher Robert Harris:

  • Berklee Online. Via - sample lessons of various theory classes can be followed there.
  • Youtube: play along backing tracks. For example this backing track for Blues in a minor:  

Sheet music

Apart from many scores that have been used when repertoire was involved over the course of the research, the following volumes have to be mentioned:


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  • James Bond 007 Collection, including play-along CD. USA: Alfred Publishing, 2001.



Apart from many recordings that were listened to over the course of the research, the following item has to be mentioned:


  • Samama, L.: Klinkende geschiedenis, Hoorcollege over de Westerse muziekgeschiedenis. NRC Handelsblad Academie.



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