Without the contributions of the following people, this research could not have happened as it happened.


A big thank you to:

  • Henk Borgdorff (master-circle leader) - for the clear thinking and pleasant atmosphere
  • Helena Gaunt (master-circle leader) - for the creativity, clarity and vision
  • Bert Mooiman (research supervisor) - for wonderful inspiration, support, intelligent guidance, ideas and music-making
  • David Dolan (research supervisor) - for wonderful inspiration, music and beautiful ideas
  • Karst de Jong - for such inspiring sessions, music and great help
  • Members of the (magic) master-circle: Eric Ineke, Wouter Turkenburg, Johan van Kraaij, Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Wieke Karsten, Jan Willem Nelleke, Larissa Groeneveld, Stephanie Gericke, Natasja Kurek, Rixt van der Kooij, Cinthie van Eijden - for the sharing of ideas and pleasant evenings
  • Mieke van Dael - for music-making, togetherness and ideas
  • Jan Willem Nelleke and Phillipa Davies - for playing together, music, sharing ideas and for helping to get rid of Dutchisms.
  • Bart van Rosmalen - for creative inspiration
  • Kees Hülsmann - for great inspiration, ideas and playing together
  • Jaring Walta - for sharing thoughts and for the support
  • Violinists and colleagues at the Royal Conservatoire: Vera Beths and Janet Krause - for sharing thoughts on the research
  • My students and former students: Merel van der Meulen, Eva Lagemaat, Liesbeth van Dingenen, Placida Ho, Renán Zelada, Nathalie Vos, Alisa van Dijk, Janneke de Vries, Wera Wrzosek, Pauline Jansen, Lieke Brakkee, Femke Hempel, olanda Kuijper, Ana Criado, Else van der Steeg, Marjolein Spruit, Laura Lunansky, Janna Maurer, Dario Hulsing, Alan Mukriani, Silke Kolfschoten, Katja Naegele, Noëmi Parr - for being 'willing and lovely guinea pigs' and for their enthusiasm
  • Casper Schipper - for answering (quickly) all my research catalogue-questions
  • Henk van Voorst – for clear thinking, humor and guidance in mindfulness
  • Participants in ICON Seminar and Intensive project on Improvisation - for the sharing of ideas and music-making
  • Mariëtte Ackermans – for ‘practical support’ in different ways
  • My parents - for taking care, for giving me love for music and for much more
  • Larissa - for the permanent, 'unconditional' (animal) love that is surrounding us, a source of inspiration
  • Thomas - for the passionate love for music and musicality (and for answering my questions on harmony, Sibelius, and more)
  • Martin - for prompting me to undertake this study, for immense support, for accepting 'the hours that I spent on it' (and consequently not on something else), for the belief in it, for much, much more, above all - for the love

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