Juan David is a musician dedicated to art, he loves and values his profession, he is a person with many dreams and projects, he is also for me a great example of perseverance, since he accomplishes what he sets out to do. He is a completely responsible person, punctual for all his events and projects, dedicated, very disciplined and at the same time critical, which allows him to constantly reflect on his practice.

I am Juan David Vélez Aristizábal, an enthusiastic musician and dreamy saxophonist from Colombia. I am 25 years old, half of which I have lived and enjoyed through music. I am a professional from the Tolima Conservatory as a performer and in addition I am a specialist in musical education from the same institution. I have experience playing as a solo saxophonist and within various groups, as well as a music teacher. I led musical initiation processes, symphonic band and chamber music groups and at the same time I was the coordinator of the music program of the municipality of Fresno in Colombia. leadership, discipline and commitment are skills that characterize me and together with other values such as respect, love for the profession, sincerity and tolerance complement the professional that I am. I can carry out my work as an artist through the dissemination of music, traditions and cultures of my country through concerts and training and education spaces using my saxophone as a tool for social and cultural transformation.


The way I perceive Juan as a professional is surprising, since he is one of the greatest examples I have in the musical field, not only for his talent on his instrument, but for his virtues and values, he is a very responsible person and dedicated to art,  is characterized by being very punctual and comply with projects, working with him is a quality success. Respect for music and spaces is something that he constantly contributes.

He has been the best music teacher, director and program coordinator in the municipality of Fresno. He is very passionate not only about playing but about educating, helping others through music, and he cares a lot about social transformation through art. He is an example of personal improvement, discipline, punctuality and a lot of hard work to achieve the goals and dreams that one sets for oneself.