ODA, oficinas de arte, Buenos Aires, 06.2023

The Performances

I had a total of 13 performances of the composition I made for this research between May and October 2023. These performances took place in various venues, ranging from restaurants to concert halls, both in Finland and abroad. The multiple performances provided valuable insights into the system, enabling me to make adjustments based on the specific characteristics of each venue. I also had the opportunity to test the composition in collaborative performances, with other musicians and even circus performers participating in the setup. In the following section, I will discuss some of these performances and share my observations, realizations, and any necessary changes that were made.

Black Box, Musiikkitalo 19.4.2023

Veitsitehdas, Fiskars 15.4.2023

Sipoon äänet 6.10.2023

Oodi Library, Ääniaalto 23.09.2023

Marija Šumarac, trombone

Mercedes Krapovickas, bandoneon and composition

Sibelius-museo 5.5.2023

Stefanie Tuurna, piano

Miia Reko, trumpet

Malla Lounasheimo, doublebass

Mercedes Krapovickas, bandoneon and composition

New York City Electroacousic Music Festival (NYCEMF) 24.6.2023