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Sprachkunst von Arnold Dreyblatt / Federico Federici / Nauka Kirschner

Kunsttempel / 19.10. bis 19.11.2023 / Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 177 / 34119 Kassel

Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 19. Oktober / 19 Uhr / Gespräche mit und performative Beiträge von Arnold Dreyblatt, Federico Federici und Nauka Kirschner.

Objects under investigation is a collection of separately conceived works that address the problem of textual-related medium and, in a sense, mediality in art from an experimental perspective.

The word object[s] is meant as a neuter reference to both the text as a phenomenon and the text as a product in itself. It suggests the idea of something to be physically handled, while not necessarily a physical object.

As stated by Rosalind Krauss, any medium may bring about art, and the special condition conventionally addressed as post-mediality is to employ media traditionally not intended to make art. Discussing the medium when dealing with broadly intended textual objects is rather challenging. The issue cannot, in fact, be restricted to the invention of a set of unreadable signs apparently disjointed from reality, as in the case of asemic writing, nor to the combination of such signs with alphabets or languages from the most disparate fields, as with other hybrid forms. The process of writing becomes open, yet more intrinsic, and the concept of medium gets reframed. Moreover, since writing is hardly separable from reading, a further and possibly even more complicated field of investigation comes into play: what does it mean to “read” something asemic? Does it make sense to attempt to sequence an asemic pattern?