FBAUP students:

Organizing Committee
Graciela Machado (i2ADS / FBAUP) (coord)

Catarina Marques da Cruz (FBAUP / i2ADS)

David Lopes (DAP/FCT / i2ADS)

Marta Belkot (DAP/FCT / i2ADS)
Régis da Silva (DAP/FCT / i2ADS)

Flor de Ceres Rabaçal (DAP/FCT / i2ADS)

Artur Prudente (ALUMNI /FIMS)

Bruna Rossas de Sousa (MDGPE/FBAUP)

Planning Committee

Graciela Machado (i2ADS / FBAUP)
Rui Vitorino Santos (ID+ / FBAUP)

Júlio Dolbeth (ID+ / FBAUP)

Domingos Loureiro  (i2ADS / FBAUP)

Media & Exhibition

Kärt Heinvere

Raahel Rüütel

Artur Prudente (FBAUP / MAP)

Flor de Ceres Rabaçal (DAP/i2ADS/FCT)

Ricardo Figueiredo  (MDGPE/FBAUP)

Paula Almozara (PUC-Campinas, Brazil)

Diana de Brito

Rafaela Lima

Administrative Staff
Ana Rita Fonseca (i2ADS)

Research Catalogue page design by

David Lopes, Kärt Heinvere, Raahel Rüütel
Ricardo Figueiredo, Graciela Machado.

Animations by
Kärt Heinvere, Raahel Rüütel, David Lopes, Ricardo Figueiredo and Tiago Pinto dos Santos

Illustrations by
PPA Research Group (several Authors), David Lopes, Kärt Heinvere, Raahel Rüütel, Marta Belkot, Kasia Harciarek

Map on menu Carta Topográfica do Porto (1892) by Augusto Telles Ferreira (*edited and pieced together by Luis Espinheira)

Institutional aknowledgements 

Norberto Jorge, Carlos Lima, Tiago Marques da Cruz — FBAUP.

João Alves, Conceição Pratas — FIMS

Partner institutions: 

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, i2ADS Research Institute in Art, Design and Society,  Fundação Instituto Marques da Silva, Biblioteca Municipal do Porto, École Supérieur d'Art et Design de Saint- Étienne,  Académie Royale des Beaux Arts des Bruxelles École Supérieure des Arts



Arts & Crafts Aujourd'hui  

Marta Carrelhas

Joana Pintor

Pedro Maia is a visual artist, researcher, and Assistant Professor (PhD) in the Department of Drawing at FBAUP. On a scientific level, he has published and presented work combining the genre of Landscape with technology. In the artistic realm, he has developed projects in drawing, photography, digital animation, and video, exhibiting regularly since 1988 in Portugal and abroad, and his works are featured in public and private collections.

(b. 1989, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland) With an integrated master degree in printmaking and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, she also studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. In the same area, completed a professional internship at the University of Porto where she later worked as a technician assistant. With a FCT scholarship, she is currently attending PhD studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto with research project entitled: A practical re-appraisal of surface prepared paper and enamel as alternative substrates to a contemporary print based practice. As a visual artist, she is interested in the concept of "displacement" creating objects, drawings, photos, movies, and graphics.

Geographer, MSc from University of Lisbon and PhD on Human Geography from Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto.

He is Associate Professor at the University of Porto Faculty of Arts. And has been invited teacher at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary.

Researcher on areas of cartography and historical climatology.



(b. 1996, Lisbon). Fine Arts MA student, printmaking enthusiast, Atelier Nomade's official photographer.  


Artur Prudente

Repetition, copying, difference and error are some of the concepts that drive the practice of Brazilian artist-researcher Artur Prudente. Interested in the in-between spaces and the disciplinary dialogues between anthropology and art, Prudente explores the power dynamics that take place in public spaces.
It is from this perspective that, since 2018, he has dedicated himself to scaffolding, signs, safety nets, easels, protection nets, trestles, cranes and trucks, revealing the constant processes of transformation of the social and urban landscape of the city of Porto.
Through printmaking - which he sees as a translation tool - Prudente transports these elements
into a plastic dimension with the aim of producing a living and portable archive, materializing evidence of landscapes and temporalities that no longer exist.


(b. 1995, Lisbon) Portuguese printmaker and illustrator. Holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha (2017) and an M.A. in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (2020), and is currently working towards a PhD. Her work is primarily focused on death and violence and how these reflect themselves in art. She explores the medium of printmaking in a way that makes this relationship evident not only in the resulting work but also within the very practice of printmaking. Primary proposal being that etching is an exercise in violence and that this character manifests itself in each and every single act of its creation, ultimately being an expression of forceful acts directed upon the metal. 

(b.1973, Angola) lives and works in Porto, Portugal. Has a degree in Communication Design from the Fine Arts Faculty of Porto, MA in Multimedia Art, and a PhD on Illustration. Julio teaches Design & Illustration at the Design department at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University.

He is co-founder of "Dama Aflita", a cultural association and Art Gallery dedicated to illustration and drawing in Porto.

Júlio Dolbeth likes to draw random faces, friends faces, some made-up faces, sometimes a lumberjack, sometimes a snow white lots of times until she comes perfect. Once in a while invented plants, most of the times a log, sometimes a skull trying to be proportional. Most of the drawings are in his head, many of them in his sketchbook, some of them are hanging on a wall, a few of them are published and part them are a collectable in some friend's wall.

Geologist,  MSc. in Museology, Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science,  Held positions in teaching, as Curator at the National Museum of Natural History, University of Lisbon, and Keeper of Collections of the Geological Museum (Lisbon). Currently is a member of a Research Unit at the New University of Lisbon. Main interests: History and heritage of Earth Sciences and Mining in Portugal. 


João Carlos Garcia

Pedro Maia

Diana de Brito

Designer, holds a degree in Communication Design from FBAUP and is currently a student in the MDGPE program at the same institution. He has developed projects within the academic environment, with a particular focus on the reconstruction of the [UP]arte magazine. He led the editorial team for its 5th volume, a project that received the Santander Universities Support Award. Ricardo is a member and Designer at AISCA association in Viana do Castelo, where he develops and coordinates cultural projects. He is also the Designer and Promoter of the EM.PRESSÃO project, which was awarded the "Young Talents" prize in 2022. Currently, he is a resident at Espaço AL859, using it as a workspace and studio, where he practices and develops projects in the field of etching.




(Oliveira de Azeméis, 1999) is a visual artist based in Porto, Portugal. It is through theoretical-practical research that Rafaela has been developing her studies on image making processes and its effect on collective imagery. Rafaela holds a MA in Fine Arts - Intermedia - from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (PT). Since 2019 has worked and participated in multiple exhibition projects such as O Bueiro (2022-2023)and Laboratorre (2022).  


José Manuel Brandão 

Flor De Ceres Rabaçal

Ricardo Figueiredo

Rafaela Lima

Júlio Dolbeth

(b. 1970, Porto) She holds a Ph.D. in Drawing from the University of the Basque Country in Spain, with a thesis on "Time representation within the image".Has graduated BA in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Porto and Master's in Printmaking at the Slade School of Fine Art London.  She is an Associate Professor at FBAUP and an integrated researcher at the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (I2ADS). Also PURE PRINT/i2ADS coordinator. She dedicated herself to developing methods of research aiming to reassess historical techniques of image reproduction.  Her research has led to new insights into the physical history of these processes and created sustainable methods based on local resources, craft, and cultural heritage. All along, she dedicates herself to making available, through systematic recreations, these extensive technological reconstructions by publishing manuals, books of specimens, and animations. Her research also moves to ensure artistic research, based on historical printmaking practices may include new means and processes for documenting, reproducing, preserving specimens, and caring for various artworks and artifacts. These include making hand tools and printing devices, formulating special inks, transforming paper, and proposing new grounds for hybrid printing and disseminating them in workshops, videos, and publications. Her poetic research focuses on the reverence for reproduction and its mutability, the study of print history, the plasticity of the image torn away from unrecognized processes, and the materiality of the image based on in situ research. She developed artistic residencies at Art Studio Itsukaichi Japan, TYPA Printing and Paper Arts Centre Tartu, Franz Masereel Centrum Belgium, Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos Tavira Printmaking Workshop as well as SHS Soil Health Surroundings Former Mining Areas.

Marta Belkot

Graciela Machado

Rui Valente

Daniela Sirotkina




Sílvia Silva





Cyrill Bihain (ARBA ESA)

Juliette Fontaine (EDSASE)

Stephanie Turnbull 

Kasia Harciarek


Johan Badibengi
Julia Parzych
Sterenn Le Mouël
Lilas Houplain
Eva Manouvrier Inghelram
Lou Alvares
Zoé Quesnel
Manon Lalevée

ESAD SE Students:


FBAUP Students:

Luísa Silva
Daniela Alves da Silva
Marta Carrelhas
Daniela Sirotkina
Rui Valente
Joana Pintor

Luísa Portugal

PPA interest group researchers:

Graciela Machado (i2ADS / FBAUP) 

Rui Vitorino Santos (ID+ / FBAUP)

Júlio Dolbeth  (ID+ / FBAUP)

Catarina Marques da Cruz (FBAUP / i2ADS)

Marta Belkot (DAP/i2ADS/FCT)

David Lopes (DAP/i2ADS/FCT)

Artur Prudente (ALUMNI / FIMS)

Antonio Régis da Silva (DAP/i2ADS/FCT)

Flor de Ceres Rabaçal (DAP/i2ADS/FCT)

Invited researchers

José Brandão (HTC / NOVA/ FCSH) 

Gonçalo Furtado (CIEBA/FAUP)

João Garcia (FLUP)


Luísa Silva 

Luísa Portugal

Kärt Heinvere & Raahel Rüütel

(b.1993) lives and works in Porto.

He has an MA in Drawing and Printmaking (2018) and a BA in Painting (2016) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. In 2019, he received an honorable mention for his work Galileo (2018) at the KoMASK Masters of Printmaking 2019, by the Faculty of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE. In 2021, he was awarded at the Cubos de las Tentaciones at FIG 21, in Bilbao, ES.

David was also a Professor of Arts at the Nobel - International School of the Algarve, between 2020 and 2021. Currently, he's assisting and teaching Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, attending a PhD in Fine Artes at FBAUP, as a non-doctoral integrated researcher for I2ADS and a grantee from the FCT (2020.09546).

David Lopes' work focuses on themes that connect History and technology. He regularly works with and from institutional archives, physical or digital, to build his artistic projects and exhibitions. Focused on the practice of printmaking in particular, David has been studying historical archives to bring new insights into issues of identity, class representation, and the cultural heritage of Portugal.

website: https://david-lopes.persona.co/

(b. 1971, Batalha, Portugal) has a PhD in Art and Design (2015) at University of Porto, where he is also lecturing. He has a MA in Multimedia Art (2001) and a BA in Communication Design (1995) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. He is an Integrated Researcher at ID+ – Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture and also a collaborator researcher at i2ADS.

His main research areas are illustration, visual narratives, self-publishing and the intersections between individual and collective design and visual practices. He regularly participates as an author or curator at illustration and visual narratives events. Has a producer of images he had been exploring the narrative possibilities of illustration and design as social, cultural and political repositories that rethink the post-digital and multiliteracy condition.

Gonçalo Furtado holds a degree in architecture from the University of Porto, a master's degree in urban culture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and a doctorate from University College London. Gonçalo Furtado researched archives at the University of Vienna, Canadian Centre for Architecture, MoMA, among others. He was a fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology and the Luso-British Foundation, and currently teaches at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto. Gonçalo Furtado has been on the editorial team for magazines such as Arqa, Unidade 5, and Nada. He is also a member of the scientific committees of international journals, including those at the University of Lublin and the University of A Coruña. Has co-organized events such as "Plugin Multiple Scale" for Experimenta Design, "O Corpo Enquadrado" at Serralves, "Tracing Portugal" at the Architectural Association in London, "Contemporary Architectural Challenges" at FAUP, and "Critical Machine" at Meetroom in Barcelona, among others. Gonçalo Furtado has delivered lectures in various European, South American, and North American countries. They are the author or co-editor of books such as "Notes on the Space of Digital Technique," "Gordon Pask: Envisaging and Evolving Environment," "Cedric Price's Generator," "A Sobrevivência da Cidade Pós-Industrial," "Escola do Porto: Notas Dispersas," etc...

Paula Abrunhosa holds a Bachelor's degree in History from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Porto and a Master's degree in Musical Sciences from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Coimbra. She has been a trainer for children's groups, a primary school teacher, and an artistic coordinator for the National Orchestra of Porto. Since 2009, she has worked as a communication and production advisor at the Marques da Silva Foundation. Simultaneously, she has been involved in projects intersecting different artistic and cultural territories. She has authored the program "Arte de Música: da palavra à música, da música à palavra, Jorge de Sena revisitado" (for Antena 2), and co-authored and coordinated, along with Palmira Troufa, the "Olhares na BPMP" project, where she has also been a sound library announcer since 2006. Additionally, she has contributed to podcasts like "Escritos Escolhidos" and "Passa-a-Palavra: falemos de Arquitectura."

Her role as a narrator in "O Lobo Diogo e o mosquito Valentim" in 2006, the first staged version of Eurico Carrapatoso's cantata, in a co-production with the Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, ONP, and Casa da Música, played a crucial role in sparking her growing interest in theater, leading to subsequent involvement in various scenic projects. She has written several texts for concert programs, operas, and exhibitions. Paula translated two books from the Marques da Silva Conference collection into Portuguese and provided subtitles for two operas at the Coliseu do Porto.



Gonçalo Furtado 

Rui Vitorino Santos

Stephanie Turnbull 

Currently undertaking a PhD at Aberystwyth University, researching the sustainability of lithography in the UK. She has a Masters in multi-disciplinary printmaking from UWE (2016) and completed the Tamarind Printer Training Programme back in 2010. Stephanie is based at the Lemonade Press, a lithographic studio in Bristol where she collaborates with artists alongside her research.



Tiago Pinto dos Santos

Technician and printmaking teacher at FBAUP since 2014. Has a Master's degree in Drawing and Printmaking from FBAUP and also BA from the same university in Architecture. Erasmus at the School of Architecture and Society, Milan, Italy (2005). Erasmus+ mobility at the Strzeminski Academy of Art Lódz, Poland (2016). Iacobus Mobility at the Facultad de Belas Artes de Pontevedra, Spain (2015)

Article published in The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, 2015.  Participation in the Seventh International Conference on the Arts in Society, Liverpool, UK, 2012. She has been exhibiting collectively nationally and internationally since 2010.

Paula Abrunhosa

Kasia Harciarek


Born in 1990 in Poland, visual artist specialising in printmaking. She obtained an integrated master's degree in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland (Diploma in Intaglio Printmaking 2016).
Since 2018 she has been part of the "Squid ink works" collective as well as a long-term collaborator of the artist Marta Bełkot in the creation of, among others, "Secrets of Reality".
As a visual artist, Kasia explores other dimensions with the help of her own dreams, where she looks for the connection between emotions, memory and mythology. She interprets them, transforms them and looks for sources of metaphysical practices. She works with printing techniques, illustration, objects, fabric, ceramics and animation.



David Lopes

Antonio Régis da Silva 

Raahel and Kärt are artist duo from Estonia, who like to document everyday life. touch the topics of closeness as well as social norms and hierarchies through a tiny humor. Currently they are carrying out their internship at Printmaking Office in Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University.
Raahel Rüütel
Contemporary Artist. Member of Estonian Young Contemporary Artist Union (ENKKL). Has graduated Bachelors degree at Estonian Academy of Arts in Fine Arts Sculpture and Installation department, has studied at Escola Massana in Barcelona- Sculpture Techniques.
Kärt Heinvere
Contemporary Artist. Has graduated Bachelors degree at Estonian Academy of Arts in Fine Arts department- Graphic Arts, Has studied at Edinburgh College of Arts- Intermedia.

Bruna Sousa

Catarina Marques da Cruz

Antonio Regis Silva holds a BTEC degree in Interior Design (2003) from Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Fine Art (2015) with first-class honors from Croydon University Center (University of Sussex), United Kingdom. He completed his Master's in Fine Arts (2019) at the University of Évora, Portugal. Currently, he is enrolled in the Ph.D program in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP) as an FCT fellow, developing a doctoral project entitled Lithography in situ: a journey through technological archaeology and the national territory.

Referencing the research carried out by the GroundLAB team on obsolete processes and technologies that have fallen into disuse, his work presents and reflects on the journey that began with the reconstruction and production of portable lithographic presses for use in situ.
With the support and collaboration of the entire team, experimentation with native stones was possible, serving not only as raw material but also as a means of interpreting the transformations of the material and its relationship with the territory and its history.

Reflecting upon on how the materials, technical, and procedural capabilities related to the study of the lithographic device, design, processing, and integrated printing techniques are favorable to expanding and contributing to practices combined with scientific studies,
Antonio´s project delves into the intersection between art and technology. Leveraging his experience as a product designer, he collaborated with the team dedicated to the reconstruction of portable lithographic devices and technological advancements. This effort includes exploring eco-conscious modes of artistic production, with an emphasis on the use
of sustainable materials.
Actively involved in the Pure Print project, he contributes to the repair and restoration of the lithographic press at FBAUP.