Table of contents

Introduction: An Escapist Artist Who Tried to Kill Art


Dear Mr. Research

Letter 1: About Fatigue

Israeliness, Jewishness and other nesses


Involved Art

How can art save the rest?

Letter 2: The Monumental Text

Photographer is shooting a monument

Collecting memory

Blood to Blood

Shared Language

Letter 3: “This is my place” means “this is who I am”


The return to the Shtetl

"In Search of the Miraculous”

A Glorious failure

Letter 4: A beautiful Shelter

An Outsider Artist (please come back home)

How escapism is related to 'beauty'?

Beauty as a mechanism of anaesthetic

Letter 5: Trying to kill art

How to make significant Art?


Are you a careless Artist?

Art never dies

Letter 6: The Shadow of the Artist

Art Can Kill

The terrorized body

Destructive – unproductive

Letter 7: The Fear from the void

The Never Ending Story

In the year of 2011 I tried to disappear

'No' is also an answer

What remains in the end?

Letter 8: Last letter

This will be my last letter to you

Appendix: documentation of the art works

Bibliograpy and Image list