There has been some confusion about the visibility of research on the RC.

A new Exposition
A newly created Exposition is private and cannot be seen by anybody except your account.

When is research visible for a supervisor ?
you can easily check this yourself:
    ▪    your research needs to be an Exposition (not a Work, Activity or a Project). explain
    ▪    the supervisor’s name has to be added to the supervisors field of the collaboration tab. explain
    ▪    the supervisor must have accepted the invitation message. You can check this by looking at the names in the collaboration tab, if they didn’t accept yet, their name will be embraced by [ ] in the collaboration tab. explain

If your Exposition has multiple pages:
    ▪    all the Exposition pages need to be linked to in the table of contents. If not, readers will only be able to see the first page. If you prefer, you can also hyperlink the pages yourself, instead of using the RC Table of Contents, but it is recommend you link them from the table of contents as well. explain

New versions:
After somebody is supervisor of your exposition (and the above 3 requirements are met), they will also see the changes you make afterwards.

As stated before, if you make a completely new Exposition, it will be private, you will need to invite the supervisors again to this new exposition. Don't forget to remove your supervisors from the old one, because otherwise supervisors will get confused.

Advice: If you don't have a very good reason: do not start a new exposition if you already have supervisors invited to another one, since double expositions are very confusing for the supervisors as is constantly having to accept new collaboration invitations.