The process of creating this exposition was rather extensive, in terms of the time it took to complete and the valuable insights it received from others. This input was, however, definitely necessary to push this project beyond what I could have achieved on my own. I therefore want to acknowledge first and foremost the artists Frédérique Bergholtz and Maria Pask for producing this body of work that has provided so much intrigue, pleasure, struggle, and illumination for me over the past several years. I would also like to thank Sybrandt van Keulen for his close reading of my text and acute feedback. Even while working in a very different field, I am still aspiring to the clarity of thought and precision in the writing of my brother Stefan Fournier, who is an indispensable reader of all my work. Finally, the feedback of my peer-reviewers was crucial, not only to help me rethink and reformulate key arguments within the exposition but also, and more importantly, to make the whole process a worthwhile learning experience. Merci beaucoup!


By way of introductions