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Persistent experimentation preceded the shift.
bending of time and space with Mallet’s lasers.
when, in the midst of the warm war II
spiralling loops finally collided.
opening the path.
Shaping that occasion into a subatomic temporal access point.
generating a time tunnel, as time passed on from that moment
connecting the present with a future other, through this portal,
impenetrable from this end.

But they arrived.
They emerged as proton particles.
Through this one-way channel from another time.
Crossing the threshold, they unpacked themselves, transferred into code.
Reversing causal directions.
Hacking the present
enabling the earth system to update herself.
connective strings growing between everything everywhere, like a cyborg gaia. A reactive earth.
Sensing and regulating how every process on earth absorb energy, resources, and life space.

the colonisation of the future pushed back
inflamed passages relieved
The askew power dynamic between present and future settled.
We are becoming new bodies with this world
Our possibility to extract energy from the system is drastically reduced.
halting practically every activity that previously made up everyday life.
Our sensory apparatuses nudging and dissolving.
pain and pleasure,
resistance and submission
we are re-calibrating individual habits with the needs of our new larger body,

we are elsa,  - the New Reactive Earth