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Performance's only life is in the present. Performance cannot be saved, recorded, documented, or otherwise participate in the circulation of representations of representations: once it does so, it becomes something other than performance. To the degree that performance attempts to enter the economy of reproduction it betrays and lessens the promise of its own ontology. Performance's being, like the ontology of subjectivity proposed here, becomes itself through disappearance.
The pressures brought to bear on performance to succumb to the laws of the reproductive economy are enormous. For only rarely in this culture is the "now" to which performance addresses its deepest questions valued. (This is why the now is supplemented and buttressed by the documenting camera, the video archive.) Performance occurs over a time which will not be repeated. It can be performed again, but this repetition itself marks it as "different." The document of a performance then is only a spur to memory, an encouragement of memory to become present.“
Peggy Phelan: Unmarked: The Politics of Performance (
2003). London: Routledge. p. 146


5.1.5 Interpretation: Positioning: Topical Lenses:   three maps

Table 5.1: Key aspects


Table 5.2: The Theory/Practice Matrix

Table 5.3: Clustered Theory/Practice Map


5.2: Interpretation: Examinations / Appendix A.3: Examinations


A.3.3 Intersection


A.3.4 Dissection


A.3.5 Transection

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