Cécile Colle and Ralf Nuhn

1. Introduction


cONcErn is an artist-led initiative that has emerged from our personal artistic practice. At the same time, cONcErn is not an individual project but has been conceived as an open, participative platform. The practical dimension of cONcErn comprises an artistic infrastructure for artworks that for logistical reasons (transport, storage, etc.) are at risk of destruction, disposal, or abandonment. A gathering rather than a collection, cONcErn welcomes ‘endangered’ artworks into a dynamic space for storage and visibility and appreciates the diversity of contemporary creation. For the recovery of the artworks, cONcErn conceives of ‘special deliveries’ that facilitate continuous relationships between the artworks and their surroundings. For instance, cONcErn is interested in means of transportation that support visibility, support participation, and are sensitive to environmental concerns. Thanks to the ensemble of recovered artworks, cONcErn organises educational and cultural activities, public events, and roundtable discussions that explore the place and potential of artistic practice in the current socio-economical and ecological climate.


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