Abstract: More Than Meets the Eye: Capturing Invisible Flows and Processes


The decisive events of our time are often not visible. But what remains when the significant processes of our time become imperceptible? These occurrences possess a fascinating duality, simultaneously feeling both familiar and foreign. While we are intimately connected to them, they represent global processes that escape complete comprehension. They are complex chains of causality that have become inscrutable to individual perception.


For my doctorate, I created five films and one photo-text installation that engage with invisibility in various ways. My research for the film , which seeks to convey the impact of climate change, took me to an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level. In my investigations, I traveled as far north as the 51st parallel to produce the film In the Ice, Everything Leaves a Trace, and the photo series The Other Side of Ice, examining the economic exploitation of the Arctic. My research also led me to a place where the wind is harnessed for filming, inspiring the creation of the film Memories of a Past Future, and to a location where filming is no longer possible, yielding images used in the production of Unlearning Flow.

All artistic parts of my doctorate are accessible on this page. The written part of my thesis is accessable in the Taju archive.