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From One Space to Another

From One Space to Another is a sound and video essay of an ongoing research of understanding the world, the tangible and situations through sound. The act of listening makes it possible to use details and daily objects as a means of highlighting a phenomenon where sound serves as a deeper means of registering and understanding the environment. By zooming in we can accumulate knowledge, broaden and expand our perception and compre- hension in order to create greater understanding of the bigger context. This way it might be possible to raise awareness and bring to consciousness the things we might not be aware of and that we sometimes fail to notice.

In this sound and video essay we take part of sound art pieces that are intertwined by thoughts and reflections throughout the journey. From One Space to Another presents recordings and compositions of smaller components such as the acoustics of fibers in the trees and the needled thread of embroideries as well as the structural repetitiveness of machinery in the textile industry. The essay also shows how the recorded material inspires and encourages various kinds of expressions. 

PDF with Content Description and reflections of Sound and Video Essay with further developed text around the work. You also find inspirational predecessors and references.

How can we develop the ability and increase knowledge, by raising the value of a detail, phenomenon or object in sound composition?

How does this influence the forms of presentation?