Student Tasks during the course


1)   Create a short reflective text, describing an experience having made an important impact on your artistic career.


2)   Place yourself inside a moment of a particular experience significant for your artistic practice and articulate this experience in words or/and in any other media form, as appearing in the moment it actually happens.

(In other words, narrating from the moment when you meet your experience.)


3)   Create a speculative map of your potential artistic process.

What terms, thoughts, concepts, ideas, problems, methods or understandings might be/come relevant during your process? And what might become the most relevant term in your specific artistic process of the following three: the question, the method, or the material? (Arlander 2014:38-39)


All tasks should be uploaded in the provided dropbox three days before the following seminar. 10 min. will be provided for each one of you during seminars in order to share your tasks with your peers. Your tasks will provide specific material for an intra-active discourse on what Artistic Research can be and become.

(All course material will be made available in the dropbox, including videos, recordings of all seminars, list of course literature etc. A blog will also be set up for sharing experiences in between seminars.)