Frozen Moments in Motion

An Artistic Research on Digital Comics by Fredrik Rysjedal

The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), The University of Bergen


I am deeply indebted to the many people who have helped me in various ways during the years in which I have been working on the research project Frozen Moments in Motion. I especially thank my main advisors, Ashley Booth and Septimiu Moraru, for their guidance and support during my period of research and artistic development.


Thanks to Einar Wiig, who introduced me to the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) and guided me during the application process, and to Paula Crabtree, who was rector at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design (Kunst- og designhøgskulen i Bergen, KHiB) in 2012, when my project was selected for the NARP. I would also like to thank the NARP committee who gave me the opportunity to become a research fellow.


I thank the entire staff and students at KHiB’s Department of Design during the three years in which I taught at the school. Liv Andrea Mosdøl I thank for allowing me to participate in teaching illustration and pictorial storytelling, and I thank all the students who created inspiring works that combined illustration with moving imagery. I am deeply indebted to Charles Michalsen, who regularly dropped by my studio, followed my research process, discussed with me and gave me articles about comics published in le Monde. Thanks for making it possible for me to participate in teaching the ‘In-Between’ class, where, together with Torkel Bernsen, we got the students to experiment with film, animation, projection and installation art. I also thank Bernsen and Fredrik Salhus for their discussions and technical assistance. I thank Mona Larsen for her help and the work she did on the application which enabled me to receive extra financing for the research project. Linda Lien I thank for guidance during the final period of the project. I also thank Sigrun Ask and her staff at the library of KHIB for their excellent service. I am deeply grateful to the whole Department of Design for its work in setting up the ‘Visibility Conference’ in 2014, where I was able to invite speakers who were relevant for my artistic research and who turned out to be very significant for my ongoing work.


Much thanks to Morten Harper who gave me guidance on the theoretical reflections in this research, and to Aslaug Nyrnes, for her advice on textual matters and her close follow-up of my writing process. I would also like to thank Arlyne J.L. Moi for her proofreading and close reading; the work she has invested in this project has been indispensable.


Through the course of this research project I have been introduced to new colleagues and other collaborative partners. It is a great pleasure to thank Daniel M. Goodbrey, Dylan Stone, Elin Brissman, Eric Loyer, Erlend Bleken, Hans Philip Eide, Lars Schwed Nygård, Lillian Samdal, Malte Wadman, Morten F. Thomsen, Nina Malterud, Nils Økland, Stephan Meidell, Sigbjørn Apeland, Sunniva Vik, Stian Omenås and Øyvind Skarbø. I also gratefully acknowledge all those who have given me tipoffs over the years about digital comics that use movement in images – your contributions have been of great help to me.


Finally, I would like to express profound gratitude to my closest family members, my partner Klara Sofie Ludvigsen and my son Brage Losnegård Hansen, who have helped me immeasurably and encouraged me through thick and thin.


2018    Frozen Motions in Motion by Fredrik Rysjedal