The "Mouvance III: Distortion" concert took place in the medieval hall Håkonshallen, suitable for the core repertoire of the "Wheels within wheels" project. The acoustics are rich, yet not too wet, and there are possibilities to rearrange the seatings. I prepared a sketch for spatial setup and  program order. There were three main seatings for Ensemble Currentes; front, rear and full circle, with amplification only in the full circle.

Setup in Håkonshallen

Håkonshallen has the shape of a long rectangle, perhaps not an optimal shape for ambisonics decodings. 16 loudspeakers were used; 3 at the stage, 5 along each of the long sides, and 3 elevated at the rear gallery. Even though the three speakers were at a higher elevation, elevation needed to be set at the same zero level for a proper balance in the Ircam Spat decoder.