How to import a text from Word (or any other text editor)


Note that only the text will be copied, images have to be imported seperately, using picture tools.


If you want to import the text as is, it may be preferable to import the complete document as a PDF, but this will mean it can no longer be edited once inside of the RC.


Step 1.

Select all your text in word, copy it by clicking copy button or ctrl+c (cmd+c on Apple).


Step 2.

Create an HTML-tool, by dragging it from the toolbar onto the canvas.


Step 3.

Paste the text by holding ctrl+v (cmd+v on Apple) from the clipboard into the media box and click submit.


Step 4.

Resize the text box according to the size of the content, by:

a) clicking and dragging the green borders.

b) double clicking the HTML-tool, going to style tab, increase the height field


No media selected. Please add or select a media file for this tool.

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