This Is A Human Being:

Exhibition and workshop 

Tuesday 28th of February -

2nd of March

Rom 8, Vaskerelven 8, Bergen 

What role can illustration play in a complex and visually overloaded society? And where are the boundaries of what we may categorize as illustration? 


This project dwells on the destiny of the many children killed in the ghettos and in extinction camps during WWII. From Litzmannstadt ghetto in Łódź alone, 15 681 children between the age of 0 to 10 were deported during a short period in September 1942. Keeping their memory alive is one way of paying respect to their fates. 


How can illustration contribute? In a seminar in Bergen public library on 27th of February and workshop in Rom 8 28th of February, in Vaskerelven 8, I will investigate the affordances 1) of pebbles and stones as an illustrative medium and technique. A previous project investigating new ways of looking at illustration “The Vibrant Line” is found here. 



The project “This Is A Human Being” is part of the seminar  Between Languages at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at University of Bergen in February/ March 2017.  



Inspired by the German philosopher Otto Neurath’s statement from the 1920s, 
Words divide, pictures unite, and his vision to democratize communication through creating a common visual language, we investigate how visuality can brigde the gaps between people with different cultural and social backgrounds. 


Between languages: 
Open seminar
Monday 27th of February 13.00–16.00
At the Bergen Public Library, Strømgaten 6, Bergen

At the department of design, KMD Bergen, we are working with several projects that in different ways address visual dialogue and people who face challenges and prejudices. Through the “between languages” seminar we will ask: What is the  potential of visualization to generate reflection and invite to dialogue, and how can we as designers influence the meeting between ‘us’ and ‘the other’?

13.00  Welcome 


13.10 Pictogram-me, when words exclude, how can pictograms include? Experiences from an artistic research project

Professor - Visual Communication, Ashley Booth
Associate Professor - Graphic Design, Linda Lien

13.30 How to communicate Holocaust for a younger audience?
Presentations by Professor Hilde Kramer from the Institute of Design, KMDBergen
Associate Professor Thomas Lewe from Volda University College
Joanna Podolska from the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center, Poland


15.00 Break


15.15 Walking with Yiddish, words as materialized form

Associate Professor - Form, Charles Michalsen


15.45 Closing comments