Phase 1: Recording of the sources in Kristiansand, Norway (Autumn 2014)


The four most influential artists in the traditional music of Setesdal were invited to record a selection of tunes that, in their opinion, covered a wide range within the stave and tune tradition from Setesdal, a secluded valley in Norway. The fact of its seclusion has influenced its traditional music to some content, although recent research indicates some influences from travelling musicians as well. The four sources were: Kirsten Bråten Berg on vocals, Hallvard Bjørgum and Gunnar Stubseid on the harding fiddle, and Sigurd Brokke on the Jew’s harp. The recordings were made in Kongshavn Studios in Kristiansand during August 2014.


In the studio we recorded both the instruments and the thumping of feet, which is a part of the performance and sound. There were no click tracks and there was no direction from the project leaders. The sources did as they saw fit and performed without any external influence, since we did not want the source material to be produced. We strived for restraint in all conversations surrounding the recording. The video is an excerpt from the four sources.