My heartfelt thanks go to many people who have supported and helped me with this project.

In particular to my supervisor Charles Toet, for his encouragement and guidance throughout the process. Also to Henk Borgdorff and my colleagues from our Master Circle for their excellent advice and fascinating discussions over the course of the last two years. I  have also been the recipient of much help from the following colleagues, instrument builders, musicologists and organologists spread far and wide.

Sebastian Krause (Soloposaunist, MDR Sinfonie Orchester)

Rolf Handrow, retired bass trombonist of the Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Dr. Wieland Hecht, of the Grassi Museum.

Mario Weller, Musikinstrumenten Museum, Markneukirchen

Stefan Voigt, Instrument Builder, Markneukirchen

Dr. Hannes Vereecke, Ludwigsburg

Rainer Egger, Instrument Builder Basel

Ian Bousfield, Bern

Howard Weiner, Freiburg

Stewart Carter, USA

Cas Gevers, München

Martin Mürner, Bern

Günter Hett, Bergisch Gladbach

Markus Leuchter, Instrument Builder, Herzogenrath

And lastly to my dear wife Anna, a great advisor and supporter, who helped keep me going through many doubts, and much procrastination.